Sunday, September 28, 2008

Holding on to Summer

Well, October is knocking at our door in Chicago which means a few things are certain - it's getting cooler, trees are changing, and our summer vegetables are being replaced by pumpkin and squash.

Not so fast. Our first frost should hit around mid to late October so that means we still may see a few more tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant, not to mention the lettuce and spinach I planted a few weeks ago.

The picture above is what I pulled out of the garden this past Saturday (the 27th). The tomatoes are a little smaller and the plants are on their downward spiral but I'm eating everything that comes out of my 150 square foot urban roof top garden.

I'm trying to stretch the seasons without the use of greenhouses - just good old fashioned timing and luck. Let's hope our weather holds out a few more weeks so I can enjoy my spinach and lettuce.


Grammy said...

Wow looks like your container garden is quite successful. Even though we have a yard. I can't wait till next spring. To try this. Thank you.

kathy said...

I too have tried to find a "second summer". I live in Kansas City, and I believe our non frost weather is even a little longer than up in Chicago area (lived in Gurnee as well from 1992 - 1998). I replanted cucumbers 9/18/08 and I have my first blossoms.

I planted cauliflower seedlings the same time as well. I think they can take a light frost as well.

I figure I've got about 25-30 days until frost.. More time if I cover up on those chilly nights.

H2 said...

Keep us updated, Kathy, on the progress of your cool-weather crops. We put in a few things too, and I hope to post about them soon.