Friday, November 7, 2008


With a nod to Bruce, I cleaned up the rooftop garden and starting getting ready for winter. Since I still have some lettuce and spinach in a box, as well as a box of onions and herbs, I didn't get it all taken care of but I'm on my way. Like Bruce, I first emptied the water in my boxes. With mine, I just covered the top and put the box on its side to drain the water. Since we had some warm temps recently, I let the boxes air-out a bit before covering them with clear, 4mm, plastic tarps.

For my spinach/lettuce box, I wanted to see how long I could go into the season, so I built a low tunnel, using 9 gauge wire fastened to the wooden structures with wire tacks. I also put a thermometer under the tarp to see the temp differences.

The last thing I did was transfer a few herbs from the boxes to Pop Bottle SIPs, made famous by Bob Hyland ( We'll see how they do.

It's been a great growing season and we are working on some ideas for next year so stay tuned.

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H2 said...

Beautiful, Russ. Looks tidy and ready for winter. Let us know how the temps fluctuate under that cover.

We still have a few exposed bucket SIPs with greens and kale up on the roof--they love this weather and taste better than ever.