Friday, April 10, 2009

Off Topic

I'm hijacking the eyeballs of our readers to ask anyone looking to rent a 2 BR garden apartment in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood to click on this.

Who knows? It might work.

[updated 4/13: Thanks to all who responded, it's rented.]


Bruce said...


Not up to your usual standards.

What kind of operation are you running here!?

H2 said...

I thought the photography was superb.

Bruce said...

Yes, hats off to the picture taker. Great eye.

I wonder if I could rent an apartment with just pictures? I think in a few years written words will have fallen out of favor and everything will be done with pictograms.

Speaking of images, have you seen "Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies" yet?

To give you some idea of my interest, I've googled the name of one of the panelists, Han Sung-ju, to find she's a former Miss Korea. I've become a fan.