Sunday, January 31, 2010

mobile garden on Track for Chicago

Good news in our inbox this morning: CTA has given the mobile garden project a green light to move forward.

What is mobile garden?

A garden on a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) flatcar
that will travel
with the train as part of regular service.

We can scarcely think of anything cooler.

mobile garden creator+artist Joe Baldwin visited the roof this summer and told Green Roof Growers about his concept, which germinated in a sustainability and design graduate seminar class at University of Illinois Chicago.

We urged him to consider sub-irrigating the train car and hope he'll call on us to help. We'd also love to see him plant some hardy vegetables, which we can start from seed for him if he wants.

Today we congratulate him on his tenacity in keeping the project alive. Way to go, Joe!

(Thanks to Inside Urban Green for alerting us to mobile garden. Sometimes it takes a village...)


Unknown said...

just saw this and thought of ya'll.
how to grow produce without land in New York, their community organization and how-to website
is down today but it looks like an interesting method

LeAnn said...

Yes, that is pretty cool.

H2 said...

Thanks for the links, Oliver. Windowfarms is all over it...

Hey LeAnn. Have you talked to your bucket-growing neighbor yet?

Eco Roof Top Gardening said...

I Love it! Can't wait to see it!

H2 said...

That makes two of us, Paul. Thanks for visiting.