Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Get Yer Greens: Orders Ready for Pick-up + We Heart Hudson Valley Seed Library

Here's a two-fer:

First, your greens are ready for pick-up at Bruce's. And they are gorgeous (this is H2 testifying it's true.). In Chicago it's perfect weather for these babies to be planted outside. They love a good chill.

I'm just delighted with the Asian greens and other veggies coming up from my Hudson Valley Seed Library seeds. For your $20 membership, you get to choose ten seed packs. And their art packs make exquisite gifts.

Here are their Braising Greens.
I hope you ordered some because they are seriously good.
[click to embiggen]


esp said...

Thanks for the lead to Hudson Valley. I was wishing I'd ordered more lettuce and greens seeds this spring. This looks like a great place to order from. The membership is a great bargain.

art and chel said...

yesss....maybe I'll pick up my order this weekend?

Bruce said...

No problem, let me know when.