Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rooftop Vegetable Pictures

Most of my vegetables are thriving, with only a few disappointments.

Okra flowers are stunning.  The long green pods, briefly grilled and tossed with olive oil and curry powder, are surprisingly tasty.

Squash Vine Borers got my acorn squash again this year. It looks like I'm going to start using floating row covers if I want any type of squash.

Carmona sweet peppers are just starting to ripen.  The plants are prolific, and the fruits are large. Perfect roasted and turned into muhummara.

Co-blogger Debbie came over for a tour of my roof. Peppers are behind me, melon and beans in front.

My eggplants have really produced.  Here are some Diamond.  I think, maybe they're Black Beauty.  In addition, I have a couple of asian varieties, Ping tung long and Udumalapet.  If you're looking for ideas on what to do with all your eggplant, crack open an Indian cookbook.  They've been making eggplant delicious for 5000 years.

About half my tomatoes are going strong, the other half have black fuzz and dying flowers.  Rooftop squirrels seem to be taking more than their share this year.

[Thanks to H2 for all the great photos.]


patricew said...

Your garden looks fabulous! and delicious! Keep up the good work!

Bruce said...

Thanks patricew.

Debbie said...

Your eggplants and okra look great! I didn't know you had squirrels eating your tomatoes too. I have read that squirrels dislike the scent of garlic so I am testing out the theory. I have taken garlic, smashed it up and put it in a nylon sock, I also included some garlic oil dipped in a cotton ball. It's now hanging on the branches of the plant. Yes, it looks silly but I prefer it over chemicals. I'm on a quest to save my tomatoes from those darn critter! Someone please make a No Pest Strip for Squirrels! Anyone else have any other suggestions?

Law Office of Ava George Stewart, P.C. said...

I had no idea you could eat the okra flowers. I think they are just stunning flowers. Alistair & I were talking about you, let me know when you can stop by for a visit. We've had a wonderful time. I have some friends/neighbors stopping by soon so I caan let their children thin the bush beans & pole beans and harvest a few sungold tomatoes and cucumbers. Thanks for everything,

Bruce said...
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Bruce said...

Hi Ava,

I wasn't referring specifically to the flowers, but now that you mention it, they are edible:

From some web site --

"It has hibiscus-like flowers and seed pods that, when picked tender, produce a delicious vegetable dish when stewed or fried. When cooked it resembles asparagus yet it may be left raw and served in a cold salad. The ripe seeds have been used as a substitute for coffee; the seed can be dried and powdered for storage and future use."

Thanks for the kind words. We'll get together soon.

H2 said...

And if the worst happens, Debbie, the squirrels will have their palates elevated.

(kidding--good effort with the garlic.)

sara said...

Adore eggplant, just started liking okra. Will check you out later.


Terry said...

Beautiful Garden!! I tried to become your follower but I don't think you have your follow button activated.

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Bruce said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for reading.

I double checked, and I don't think there's anything we're doing that prevents you from Following our blog. If you go to your Blogger Profile page, you can add our blog by clicking on the blue "Manage Blogs I Follow" tab.

khaye said...

they are look good and healthy organic veg.