Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let My Love Open the Door to Your Heart

Green Roof Growers has a new puppy! (Well, Bruce does anyway.) 

Given a clean bill of health by the shelter just yesterday and having spent his first night at home, this little guy walked over in the snow to play today.

And curiouser
Hey, I'm all tangled up
 They say I'm a lab + rottweiler
H2 made me take a nap
 I mistakenly left a little gift before leaving,
but I'm so engaging nobody minded.

He's got an indomitable spirit and is mostly moving every second, learning the difference between kisses and bites. What's this dog's name?

Art suggested Carl, after Good Dog Carl, a charming book about a rottweiler and a baby. 

On the way home from getting produce, I heard this song.  The lyrics match up so perfectly with what puppies can do to you I'm thinking Petey, after Pete Townsend.

Bruce is still pondering. Ideas...?


art and chel said...

What a cutie! Congratulations Bruce. I'm sure he will be a great garden companion.


Alison said...

Too cute. I just want to reach out through the series of tubes and rub that soft belly. Carl is an inspired choice--that's a great series of books. Rotties are sweet, sweet dogs and the books are a much-needed counterpoint to all the bad PR the breed gets.

Debbie said...

Very cute puppy Bruce! I could see Carl being a good name. Those ears are adorable.

Bruce said...

After reading the link to "Good Dog, Carl", I can see the appeal of the name.

TKTC said...

I am kind've loving Carl. I feel like Carl might have a green thumb and a secret stockpile of organic chemistry know-how. Happy to have a puppy in the neighborhood!

Ava said...

Congratulations, he's looks adorable! Have you seen the film "My Dog Tulip"? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Tulip's real name was Queenie, and neither are male names - Carl's a great name. I hope we can introduce your new guy to our 6 &1/2 y/o PWD Lirio this spring.
All the best,
Alistair & Ava