Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Carl's First Chicago Snow--Feb 2 Afternoon Walk

Snow day! You can see it on people's faces and in their tenacity. The energy on the street as I walked to Bruce's was utterly positive, everyone talking, sharing, shoveling.

Where are the plows?  On this sidestreet, residents took the matter into their own hands. I met a couple guys trying to figure out if they should dig out their cars...knowing that when the plows come through a wall of snow will quickly re-block them.

These two waved to me from the alley they were clearing. Big work--watch for them later in this series.

Bruce's sidestreet was the deepest I'd seen. 

Carl! A natural Nanook.

He ate the snow, frolicked in the snow, and shivered his baby dog self.

Is this a stair?

Better take the smooth way down.

OK I'll try. Carl is so little he can just manage stairs.

Pretty soon he was romping.

New friends visited--real snow dogs, if you ask me.

Off to more exploring.

I left Bruce to his task.

Here's a pharmacist from UIC who needs to get to work tomorrow.

She and her pharmacist boyfriend did a nice job on that alley. Let's hope they can get out and spell the healthcare workers who spent last night on site.

Closer to home, there is snow sculpture to be made. ("The sculpture is in there..." said one.)

Look who I ran into on the street--the lovely Laura, shown here in warmer moments during our honey harvest. She said: everyone is smiling, everyone is happy. She's right.

 Brand new babies stopped to say hi too...
Homegrown Evolution has been blogging about the Everyday Carry, or EDC. Here's mine for the foreseeable future. What a fun day in the snow.


Bruce said...

I don't know if you looked in my alley, but there were several large five foot tall drifts, maybe covering 100 feet.

No one is getting their cars out anytime soon.

Lucky me, I parked on the street.

Love the photo of Carl as sled dog.

Debbie said...

Carl looked like he was having a blast in the snow, I bet he slept well last night!

Mr. Homegrown said...

One of the great benefits of the great blizzard of 2011--more cute puppy pics!

Looks like the gardening posts will have to wait!