Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Endless Summer, Precious Harvest

Autumn harvests somehow seem the most precious, unlikely color in the fading fall light. On this full-moon Tuesday in Chicago it feels like endless summer in October.

Tom Skilling says our current warm spell will produce the longest stretch of late-season 70+ degree temps in 40 years...
Our extraordinary rain-free, late-season warm spell, which has dominated the past week, isn't over yet---but its days are definitely numbered! Highs in the 70s Tuesday and Wednesday will extend to ten the consecutive number of days which have reached or exceeded 70-degrees. That's the most to occur in October in nearly four decades. But sustaining that level of warmth at this time of year is difficult and signs of a significant pattern readjustment are coming into focus.


Debbie said...

The beans look lovely. We're also savoring the last few tomatoes picked from the vine.

H2 said...

How did your tomats do this year, Debbie?