Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Enough for Supper: Aug 4

Growing food brings worries and joys. There's no getting around the funk on the tomato leaves, though they continue to produce nearly as much fruit as we can eat every day, with a bit left over to share.

On this morning's watering visit to the roof I noticed a nearly grown Armenian cucumber, from Bruce's leftover last-year seeds.

Seeds of Change tells me it's a close relative of the honeydew melon. No wonder I like it. I plucked it for eating raw and cold at 4 pm, when veggies kill my urge to eat. It's a nifty snack, with few seeds, edible skin and a crisp interior.

The eggplant Pingtung Long and Santa Fe Grande peppers will go into tonight's stir-fry, as will the very first of the Red Swan beans--and please click on the picture above to see these beauties all dressed up in their early blush wardrobe.

A little early to be picking many of these, but I'm hungry for them now. Plenty more coming in the weeks ahead.


Sabrina said...

You've inspired a gal way out in burbia land too! Bought my first Earthbox this season and my tomatoes are awesome! Beats driving to mom's down south to get the real deal. Great job and thanks for all the info.

H2 said...

Hey sabby77:
Way to go!