Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Rooftop Tour in One Take

Despite my clumsy narrative and shooting style--walking, filming, and talking is harder than it looks--I thought doing a video post was worthwhile. I planned on cutting out the mistakes, but my computer is too old to use the video editing software that Art's professional camera requires.

The major disappointment has been the tomatoes. I can't identify what kind of blight they have, or even if it's blight; to be honest, I don't have the heart to find out.

I'm still amazed that I can grow this stuff in Rubbermaid tubs on my garage roof.


Bill Hawthorne said...


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Anonymous said...

Did you crop rotate this year--that is use different containers to plant different families of crops--this year over last? Lauren

Bruce said...

Hi Lauren,

Yes I did.

martha said...

Nice update, and sorry to hear about the blight. If it makes you feel any better, your eggplant could teach my eggplant a thing or two. The Udumalpet has two, inch-long little orbs hanging off it, and the Ping Tung Long hasn't even set fruit yet. I think it must just be too shady.

Bruce said...

Hi Martha,

It always seems to be something, doesn't it?

Of course there are worse problems: I could've been exposed to asbestos and be afflicted with mesothelioma. Then I'd have people like "Bill Hawthorne"--from comment #1--trying to help me more often.

That's the first bit of spam we've got here at GRG. It's a real stretch to say it's related to what we're doing, but it seems like it should stay up.

martha said...

As spammers go, Mr. Hawthorne wins points for being articulate and polite. My spammers tend to the curt and vulgar.

Also, sad news: the Kellogg's Breakfast has come down with some sort of vicious wilting disease. Thankfully, it doesn't appear to have spread. Yet.

Aly said...

Despite the blight, you still seem to have lots of unaffected plants. I don't know why I just watched the entire video, when I just toured your garden earlier, but it was very interesting. I am looking forward to including GRG in next week's neighborhood eNewsletter.-- Mrs Bill Hawthornee

Bruce said...

Glad you came over for a tour Aly.