Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grow Little Green Girl! Kara's First SIP

One picture tells this story best...

whose mom calls her Little Green Girl

Kara's mother Debbie wrote us last week:
My daughter loved planting the SIPs today. She really likes watering them and smelling the Miracle Grow organic fertilizer...?
Me too, Kara! I like everything about planting, from the musky barnyard scent of the fertilizer to your perky little seedlings.

There's a back story here. Early in 2010, Debbie wrote us to offer seeds from her Franchi packets. She lives just outside the city and reads our blog. We'd never met, and we were struck by her generosity.

Some of the Franchi seeds
Debbie mailed.

Flash forward to our tomato seedling misfortune. Could Debbie provide some tomato starts, she asked? Gratefully we said yes and offered to set up a few SIPs to say thanks for all the Franchi love.

Drilling out SIPs
with Art

Debbie emailed us after she took the SIPs home and planted them with her daughter:
I am so excited that Kara is excited! Underlying all this is my desire for her to eat more veggies and to understand and respect how food is grown. Even a 9-year-old can do it.
Exactly right. We think Debbie's a terrific mom and that her Little Green Girl is the future. And that Inside Urban Green has this one right: maybe Kara can take her SIP skills and share them with her classmates.

Won't it be fun to see how their gardens grow, in the ground and in the pickle buckets?

Way to go, Kara!
Send us more pix soon.


holly said...

What an darling girl!...and a great way to start an interest in gardening.

Robj98168 said...

Grow Sweetie Grow! Very good post- I enjoy reading about kids in the garden!

Robj98168 said...

P.S. I notice Kara is using the square foot method... another smart garden method!

Debbie said...

Hi gardeners! I enjoyed your comments about our SIPs. Remember I'm still a beginner just like some of you. I've been learning about gardening more and more each day.

Besides watermelons I am also growing sugar snap peas, carrots, and a pizza garden. It turns out we started our sugar snap peas a little too early. Better luck next time!

Tip: cayenne pepper and dog or human hair in nylon stockings seems to keep pests such as rabbits and squirrels away from eating valuable plants.

Thanks for the SIPs Green Roof Growers!

by/from Kara