Monday, June 28, 2010

Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right: Early July Roof Garden

Happens every year. I find myself up on the roof, looking around and singing Bob Marley, in a kind of daze at the magic of it all.

Peas flourishing

Seed pods forming on the baby bok choy

The exquisite beauty of an eggplant fleur

Melons putting out tendrils

Strawberry tomatoes with their pleats

Amish paste, pointy

Black Sea Man, new to us this year

SIPs in the sunshine

Eggplant udumalapet emerging

Honey in the hive

Herbs on the street, boundless in the heat

Sharing the first tomato

Tomatillos hanging in their papery lanterns

French climbing beans, reaching

Seeing red!

And despite the sad photos below of plant starts unplanted, a little early blossom end rot, and my nonexistent blog posts...

... I've decided this Sharon Astyk essay and Bob Marley have something in common: Don't worry, 'bout a thing...


Law Office of Ava George Stewart, P.C. said...

1 of my favorite songs by Marley. Irie!

art and chel said...

beauteous. the garden and the song.

Debbie said...

Wow, you had your first tomato already! Your plants look great!


Debbie said...

funny song Heidi, did you you see The Last AirBender movie?

I'd bend water then I wouldn't need to bring out the watering hose.

Would you like to swap a Mikeylee watermelon for some honey?


H2 said...

Art+chel, Kara, Debbie, and Ava:

Hey everybody, we're all in Chicago and summer is cooking our tomatoes and melons right now, right? I can hardly be on the roof past 11 am.

So what's growing where you are? Send pix or links to my email (you all have it) and let's do a post on what's growing in our Chicago SIPs.

And you got it, Kara--we'll barter some honey for a Mickeylee. Yours have got to be growing fast--are you training them up the trellis? I just love when that teeny-tiny little melon comes out of the flower.

ps: AIRBENDER looks pretty scary to me but also good. Cool idea to bend water.