Sunday, June 27, 2010

My visit to an Organic Farm

On Father' Day weekend we went to Angelic Organics farm in Caledonia Illinois. We learned about what it was like to be on a farm. We got to feed the animals, hold the chickens, see a chicken lay an egg, and also see a rooster.

My favorite thing at the farm were the goats. Feeding them and milking them were the funnest. One even snuggled up to me. At the thorny bush they seemed to have eaten all the leaves except the ones at the top. I held it down and started picking them. It was extra hard because it was extremely thorny. One small goat got a little impatient and jumped on me. So, I gave her some leaves and picked some more. The next day it happened again. Guess they're as smart as dogs after all.

We also made goat cheese with goat's milk and took a tour of the farm too. There were lots of plants such as eggplants, tomatoes, and lettuces. Maybe you will enjoy the trip too. You might get inspired to start your own mini farm.


A Red Star hen.

Me petting Cocoset the goat.

Making goat cheese.

A tour of the greenhouse on the farm.

Dirt cake seedling brownies.

Saying goodbye to my favorite kid.


H2 said...

I wish I could hug that kid too. Do you think it would be happy living inside my house?

Robj98168 said...

Every downtown building needs a kid around H2... Thanks Kara for the pictures of your tour! Looks like a really cool farm!

Debbie said...

Not exactly H2, it needs its mother's milk and besides it would eat all your furniture and clothing.

Yeah Robj98168, being on the farm was awesome!

H2 said...

I should have thought of that!