Thursday, July 8, 2010

Top 10 seeds to sow now through August

Via the Hudson Valley Seed Library, this morning I spotted a nice list that felt synchronous with my post from yesterday--Successful Succession Sowing Summer Seed Sale, including Doug’s Top 10 seeds to sow now through August.

It's a useful list to scan and includes the same baby bok choy we harvested and replanted in a single stroke this week. We got that seed from the Hudson Valley Seed Library and it was strong and true.

Going to seed,
starting from seed

At the same link, you'll note they have their Garden Packs and Library Packs on sale (and by clicking the link in this sentence you also get to meet owners Ken and Doug, of today's list).

Salut to summer sowing! Bruce, do we have any dino kale seeds left?


art and chel said...

thanks for this! these seeds can be sowed directly in the sips at this point, yes? and in the case of carrots--after thinning, how many plants do you like to have per sip?

"going to seed, starting from seed..." keeping the cycle going.


H2 said...

Yes, you can sow directly into the SIP. Just make sure the soil is well moistened before you plant and that it stays moist until germination.

It's nice when it rains on them after planting and in fact some of those seeds I planted a day and a half ago are already sprouting.

I've never planted carrots in our SIPs. Check the earthbox site for how many go into an EB and cut in half for 5-gal SIP.