Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Green Girl Meets The Urban Worm Girl

Photo by Debby Preiser

Last month Stephanie Davies- author of Composting Inside and Out came to our library to speak about composting. She has helped install hundreds of worm bins all over the country and has earned the nick-name Urban Worm Girl. You can visit her at

Urban Worm Girl talked about how composting could naturally decompose organic materials fairly fast when landfills can take years to decompose garbage. She also talked about how 70% of our garbage each year could be worm food. She went over some ways to compost and how vermicomposting (worms composting) is better than normal compostings. She even told us that she tried feeding her worms dog poop and they LOVED it! YUCK!

Worm tea (made from worm castings)

At the end of the presentation we got to take some “worm tea” home. Worm tea is worm castings dissolved in dechlorinated water. I think all of the audience at the presentation were deeply persuaded to compost or at least understood why and how to compost.

Urban Worm Girl we LOVE your book!

Our worm bin is doing great thanks to what we learned from the Urban Worm Girl!



Charmcitybalconygarden said...

I would really like to start vermicomposting...but I have not yet had the courage to bring worms into the house...

Debbie said...

They are very easy to take care of and they can't escape!