Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Must Be The Place

I just got a new digital camera after being without one for a couple weeks (making me feel like I lost an eye). This was after the one Art brought home went through an epic fail and had to be returned. 

Speaking of epic, last week's hail apparently decimated our pal Nance Klehm's roof garden. Father north, Bruce's and ours fared better, though when we returned home from being away I noticed some big bruising on tiny tomatoes and flagging tomato leaves, and for both of us shredded tobacco leaves.  

Pause for an old photo: from our first year growing in SIPs

  • Soon we'll have an update from Marc on the Tobacco Project.
  • Also, an update from Brad H on his balcony SIP garden.
  • And maybe some actual roof pix, since the tomatillos are forming their paper lanterns, the tomatoes are looking like the best crop in years, and the automatic plumbing system Art installed is innovative and perfect.
  • AND...Bruce has fresh eggs! Don't you want to see the color of the yolk?
 Meantime, the incomparable David Byrne...

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