Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mobile Garden Featured in Chicago's Art on Track

Early Saturday, Joe Baldwin of the Mobile Garden Project stopped by to pick up a SIP-ful of rooster spur peppers, hauled down from its rooftop perch and sporting a fresh label, all set for her first CTA train ride.
Art on Track is a mobile art gallery on board a CTA train. The Art on Track train circles just the loop elevated track. The public is invited to board the train in order to view the art work. Art on Track takes place Saturday, September 17th between 5pm and 10pm. 
More in-process pix at flickr. I like shots like these because you're reminded how stark the day-to-day version of these train cars actually is.
Final install shots

 Mr Brown Thumb made a nice vid of Joe's completed train car. Well done!

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