Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Windy City Coop Tour

I decided to include my coop in this event*, taking place on Sunday, September 25th. There are 25 different sites, all private homes, where people are showing how they raise chickens in the city.

Chicago chicken keepers invite you to learn from their personal experiences with backyard chickens! Visit their coops and hens, ask questions, and take photos.

Make your own route and visit any or all of the 25 locations between 11AM and 2PM.

MAP of locations and site info

* Please respect the privacy of our Tour Hosts and Their Flocks by visiting only on the day and hours of the Tour.
* Children supervised by adults are welcome on the Tour.
* DO NOT BRING DOGS or other pets.
* Stay within the boundaries around homes and coops that Hosts designate for visitors.
* If a given yard is full when you arrive, you may be asked to wait momentarily until the crowd thins.
* Restrooms, drinking water, and snacks will not be provided by the sites on the Tour -- so plan accordingly and bring what you need with you.
* Street parking may be scarce. Consider taking public transit and/or riding a bike on the Tour!

Tour Passports will be on sale at each site for $3 while supplies last.
Windy City Coop Tour t-shirts (very limited edition) are also available while supplies last.

*Despite thinking that proclaiming that I keep chickens in the city has a Stuff White People Like vibe about it.

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