Saturday, August 11, 2012

All You Need Is Lunch

2012 summer is a lesson learning to be thankful for what we have. Like this perfect lunch box, picked from the roof a couple weeks ago...and many days since.

A definite shortage of tomatoes could make one mororse (OK, trust me it has), but there were serious weather reasons for it. We think the hellish heat early in the season caused tomato flowers to drop before fruiting occurred. As a result we missed the first round, except for a few early ones--Whippersnapper, Glacier, and Stupice among them--that somehow got established before being blasted.

Locally, my brother's in-ground garden and Debbie and Little Green Girl's tomats tell the same story: very low yields.

Eggs from Bruce's hens and a Jimmy Nardello pepper remind us: 
all you need is lunch

Plus, the eggplant are prolific, and beautifully so.
Two weeks ago it was nearly 100 degrees F again with enormous humidities. Today 79 and heaven. The tomatoes have set up a nice crop of flowers and fruit at last. Will they flourish in the late-season light? Stay tuned.

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Russ C said...

We had similar weather this year with more than a few days in the 100s, with nights in the 80's. I noticed that it affected the Brandywine the worst. Flowers burned up and dropped off. The Cherokee Purple did a little better and the Better Boys had one bad week. When the 100's stopped a couple of weeks ago, the flowers came back. It seemed like the cherry tomatoes were okay through it all though. I'm sure if differs by plant type but maybe next year, I mix up "colder" weather tomatoes with "warmer" weather ones.