Friday, September 21, 2012

More Fermenting

We wrote earlier about Sandor Katz's new book, The Art of Fermentation. Buoyed by his reassuring tone and Permission to Ferment Anything, I threw together this one last Sunday after plucking a beautiful organic cabbage from the farmers market. Ingredients? Cabbage and organic lemon (mostly rind after I cleaned out the seeds).

With a rooster spur pepper for color and any slight heat it might impart. And salt.

I wanted to try a clean, clear set of flavors and spoon a little out each day in an effort to more clearly taste the fermentation process. Also, my boyfriend doesn't love the extreme flavor of an aged kraut-chi. A couple spoonfuls of this one in a bowl with a little olive oil sauces our rooftop greenie beans perfectly.

Today Mrs Homegrown at Root Simple waxes poetic about Katz and calls herself a fangirl.

Pretty sure I'm one too. The simple concoction pictured above tastes like the ocean, like spring, like heaven. And the rooster spur is gathering strength...

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