Monday, May 20, 2013

90 Degrees F in Chicago May 20

That's about 20 degrees above normal and it feels like a hot-air furnace. I'm documenting the temps because they're still swinging wildly and because we could be in the process of producing the earliest tomato evah.

Now, there's an upside.

Tomatoes are growing like it's August.

Cool-weather greens are surging and going quickly to seed.  This is komatsuna from Hudson Valley Seed Library.

Most greens don't like 90 degrees. And they absolutely taste sweeter when grown in the 40-60 degree range. No problem: three days from now our high is predicted to be 55 degrees.

We can't get enough of these green leafies, growing also in the nicely shaded on-the-ground raised bed.

Greens grab-bag 

Joker lettuce from Wild Garden Seed

In a flurry of planting, we didn't label this lovely ruffled kale. It's mighty tender.

Send one up for the folks in the path of the Oklahoma tornadoes...

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