Friday, May 10, 2013

More Dramatic Weather Swings for Chicago

Are you thinking I'm weather-obsessed? I actually never followed the weather until the last few years brought temperature strangeness. Check out the forecast for two upcoming days: record lows in the 30s on Sunday and approaching 90 degrees F on Tuesday, a 50 degree-plus swing.

What's a grower to do?

(Mothers Day): Early April-level temperatures 13-degrees below normal with a near record or record low likely and the threat of frost late Sunday night.
Mixed sun as the Sunday gets underway is likely to fades as extensive cloudiness develops. Northwest winds 8 to 18 mph and occasionally gusty. The nighttime frost threat targets portions of the metro area late Sunday night as winds ease beneath partly cloudy skies. Nighttime lows are likely to range from the low 30s coldest inland locations to the near 40 near Lake Michigan.
2013's warmest day yet likely to generate Chicago area's highest temperatures since the 90-degree high which occurred 8.5 months ago on September 4.
Mostly sunny and quite windy with wind gusts topping 30 mph. Strong southwest winds are to average 14 to 28 mph Dew points, a measure of atmospheric moisture, are to surge into the mid 60s Tuesday afternoon producing a markedly more humid " feel" to the day. A 90-degree high is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Daytime highs approaching levels 20-degrees above normal!

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