Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Cuke+Gin (hey now) 
and Avocado

Any time Bruce begins a new food experiment we're happy to play guinea pig, and never more so than with this summer's paleta production. With our weather still swinging wildly among hot, cool, and typical, the pops wait in abeyance in our freezer for sultry afternoons. The very best part about Bruce's paletas, aside from their singing flavors, is that they're not overly sweet.

 From Wiki:
A paleta is a Latin American ice pop usually made from fresh fruit. The name comes from palo, or "stick," and the diminutive ending -eta, referencing the little flat stick frozen into each item; the stores, carts, and kiosks where they are sold are known as paleterías, and the sellers are called Paleteros...Paleta flavors can be divided in two categories: cream-based and water-based.

 Mango coconut, Pineapple, and Coconut

A $14 pop mold and a couple books have yielded some real magic here in the neighborhood. 


These are the kind of emails I've been getting from Bruce this summer:
Just put the pecan/carmel ones in the freezer. Making blueberry/cardamom pops tomorrow morning. Am getting a little inventory ahead of our block party this Sunday afternoon. Neighbor Rey agrees that me playing the part of Popsicle Man would be a good idea.
To which we respond: Bruce, you are already the popsicle man!

Is it too obvious when we walk over with gifts like organic coconut milk and offers to fresh-squeeze any juice he's got in mind? Summer brings its own priorities.

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