Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Spark

H2 emailed this clip to me.  Thirty seconds into the trailer, with the appearance of Marcin Jacubowski and his TED talk schtick, I was ready to dismiss the whole thing out of hand. Then the story took a turn toward the real. I might actually watch the movie, if it ever gets funded.  ;o)

The Spark | A Groundbreaking Documentary [EXTENDED Trailer] from The Spark Doc on Vimeo.
THE SPARK is a documentary about a genius technologist and a rebel educator, two pioneers from opposite spectrums with one goal in common: Build a sustainable community. Can two men driven by determination overcome global challenges to change the world?

The world is in tough times. Families are separated and hurting- millions are looking for a change, a way out. As a response to the recent global collapse, THE SPARK looks at the biggest challenges of our time - economic, social, and environmental degradation of our civilization - and the cutting-edge attempts to rebuild and combat these erosions.

What does it truly take to fix the world’s problems? What must you sacrifice? What must you endure? The crusaders we follow in the film are by necessity coming from outside a broken system, and yet it is the outsider status that hinders their ability to succeed. Is it possible to fix what's broken? And what is it that drives people to try, despite all of the obstacles?


The Spark Documentary said...
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The Spark Documentary said...

We hope you like it. We won't stop until it's done. Thanks for your support! Siku

Life in Savannah said...

Being from New Orleans and moving after Hurricane Katrina, I was glad to see someone taking the time, energy and money to help the Lower 9. I hope the projects continue and the movie get funding. Will be checking out funding.

Thanks for posting.