Thursday, August 22, 2013

August Bounty: Jimmy Nardello, Provider Beans, and Kale Keeps Coming

Beloved weatherman Tom Skilling says there were 40 days in the 90s by this time last year--nearly six times as many as 2013. Hence the cool-weather-loving greens like the kale above, still sweet and the plants productive.

Apparently we've had enough heat for the Jimmy Nardello peppers, a big producer that's at the top of my grow list. As are those Provider Beans. 

Reminding myself with no tomatoes left (except a few black cherries) that a month ago we picked six pounds of rooftop produce, most of it tomatoes. Planting a month early does shift maturity dates.


Debbie said...

Peppers look tasty H2! Time to start the cool weather crops H2. What will you be growing?

H2 said...

The greens in the raised bed will do all the work, dropping their seeds and starting new plants for the cool months.