Monday, August 5, 2013

Koi Fashion Alert

It's outta control, this koi obsession.


Rumpus and Ruckus walk into a kitchen... said...

Where did you get the stencils? I'm also kind of obsessed with doing this myself.

Bruce said...

Hi Nervous,

I made them from old manila folders. You can use anything type of material that is relatively stiff and not too thick.

I used an xacto knife. At the recommendation of a friend I bought a self healing cutting mat from Amazon. Really worth the $15, especially if you're going to make a lot of stencils.

As far as layout, you just need to think through the process. How many colors, how are you going to show the outline without a continuous line (which would do nothing but leave a big hole in your stencil), how to line up each layer of stencil (I used easily removable chalk marks inside register holes that were in the same position on each stencil).

Do some googling, you'll find tutorials.

Good luck!