Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Agretti Chronicles

We stared our agretti seeds in March and they sprouted in June.

Later in June, getting a foothold...

 And on July 13...

I mostly nibbled on the raw agretti while tending the roof, letting it grow and looking toward fall for a robust seed harvest. By September it was setting seed nicely.

And in October, drying under cover in the sun-warmed greenhouse.

Won't be long before we're germinating it again in spring 2012. It did very well in a SIP, with easy access to water, but I'd like to also try direct-planting some seeds in the new raised bed.

Via Cherry Gal...
GROWING TIPS: Easy to grow. Plant as soon as ground can be worked and cover with 1/2" soil and space 4-6" apart, thinning to 8-12". This must be planted in cool weather. It will not germinate in warm soil. Germination in 7-10 days and you can start cutting from the plants when they reach 6-8" in height. Cut the green tops or sections - it will regrow (my favorite kind of green). Generally used in the Spring when leaves are tender. 

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