Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter DIY Egg Succulent Project

A while ago I saw this post and knew I wanted to make one of these for our Easter host. I started saving eggshells from Bruce's spectacular hens, cracking the shells more carefully and then washing and air drying.

Here are her beautiful results:

We love growing succulents and keep a nursery of succulent bits in a bin upstairs over the winter, to be repotted in spring. I chose a few for the project.

Mine's a little different, but what fun to create. I hope my sister will like it when I give it to her Sunday.


Debbie said...

Absolutely Beautiful H2!

What are the yellow flowers? And what are the little pea like plants? Love all the different textures!

H2 said...

The pea-like strands are called String of Pearls, one of Art's favorites. The blooms are intensely scented, arriving in early spring (we bring the plant indoors for winter).

Here's more info:

Stop by and we'll give you a nice cutting.

That yellow-flowering succulent I'm unsure of. maybe someone out there knows it?

ruzzel01 said...

So green and looking stunning.

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