Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Money Isn't Real, You and I Are"

Stan Goff, on money as the "universal solvent".

In this essay, Hornborg crystallizes what he said in The Power of the Machine, albeit focusing in a bit on that old question, what is to be done? Whatever it is, says Hornborg, it has to do with money. I believe him when he says that. That is precisely what I mean by the term, “strategic imperative.” The strategic imperative is to get off the money grid.

Hornborg and a lot of other people have studied the impending consequences of our influence-without-control; and the prognosis is not merely disturbing, it’s scary as hell to anyone with a puff of imagination. We are in an epoch of inconceivable unintended consequences, in every dimension of human experience; and if money is the problem, we all inuit in a second how utterly overwhelming the problem is because we understand our own abject dependency on this thing that this man just said is a “sign,” a dangerous chemical — a solvent that attacks human connectivity, a change agent that can be as destructive as a flood of assault rifles into a big city slum.

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