Friday, June 29, 2012

Building a Holz Hausen (or Beehive) Woodpile

A neighboring lot is being developed; a 'weed' tree, basswood or cottonwood, was being cut down and I asked to have anything bigger than 4" in diameter dropped off on my sidewalk.

My friend Blake and I, using Art's chainsaw, cut it into usable lengths and then I split it with a maul.  It will take 6 months or so to dry and then I can burn it in my wood stove out in the shop.

We cut everything into roughly 12" pieces, short enough to fit into the wood stove.

I sized my pile to use up the available wood. It's about 5' in diameter, and when finished, will be 4' tall. I'll put a round tarp on top to keep the water and snow off. 

In the few days that it's been in place, three people have told me it reminds them of a Andy Goldsworthy piece.  I don't know about that; I just like the way it looks.


Debbie said...

Bruce, The design is really cool. You've taken one or so tree out of the waste stream? Looking forward to seeing it!

H2 said...

It is a thing of beauty.