Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spriky and the 2-Liter SIP Comic

We love that people are being exposed to the idea of recycling water bottles and gardening in them. Perfect project for kids, families, adults and small space gardening!

Spritzer, a company in Malaysia did a really cute comic based on my original 2-liter SIP infographic that I designed and posted on GRG last March. I love Woan Ling's illustrations... as an Information Architect, Art Director and gardener I thinks she did a beautiful job on translating the instructions and Spriky the little water drop does a great job of teaching us how to make a SIP. 

Click here to see the original post and more environmentally friendly comics with Spriky.

Stay tuned... we'll be doing more SIP infographics on GRG and at The Singing Seed on Facebook!

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yipeng said...
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H2 said...

What a clever adaptation of your original, Debbie.

Holista Nourish said...

Hello! My name is Vanessa, I work for the Healthy Communities Initiative in the Bronx and we are actually doing this system and selling planters and teaching community members how to use this system! When we saw your images we were so excited that someone could articulate the how-to DIY system, we were super excited! We work with mostly Latino low-income people on food stamps, and we would love to collaborate to make these drawings translated into Spanish! If you would be willing to collaborate, please email me: and check out my post on my blog about our initiative that features your other drawing:

Our facebook page: