Saturday, June 16, 2012

Greenie Beans Pop Up

When my nephew was little, his mom called these greenie beans and we've called them that ever since. Our provider bush beans from Bountiful Gardens popped up in just two days in one of the earthboxes. I kept them moist and they clearly love the heat.
40-50 days. Extra early, widely adapted green bean. Popular for almost fifty years because of its big early yields and rich flavor.


Leon said...

They sure do love the heat. I grew some up my sunny windowsill (via string) and it was the only plant I found that resisted sun burn (beating chillies and tomatoes). Looks great to see them sprawled up there and they help filter the sunlight -- which our living room gets way too much of directly in the summer.


H2 said...

What a charming image, Leon--a greenie bean curtain. Thank you for visiting.

Rizal said...
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