Saturday, June 11, 2011

Agretti in June

I'm enchanted by the texture and flavor of agretti--salty with hints of lime. The mouth feel is fun...and I'd never ever cook it. It's too good raw.

The Agretti took its time coming up, but we patiently didn't regularly clip it to eat and here we are.
Because of its exceedingly poor germination rate, I'd like these plants to go to seed. That way we'd have next year's seed supply.

I'm going to plant these in a portable microgarden next time, because they don't require the large amount of growing medium other greens need.


Mr. Homegrown said...

Congrats! Never got mine to germinate. And you may have the first clear picture of agretti on the interwebs!

H2 said...

They're like bits of hard cork and seem to need lots of moisture to get started. I've read their germination rate is as low as 40%.

If we get seed, we'll share!

Robj98168 said...

Like Mr. Homegrown, mine did not germinate either. I believe that 40% germination rate. Mine was 0% for 10 seeds :(

H2 said...

Sorry to hear, robj.

Check out this vid and behold human-size specimens of agretti...