Sunday, June 12, 2011

Direct-Seeding Melons and Beans...and Greens Go to Seed

You know it's summer when it's warmed up enough to direct-seed melons and beans.
 Decisions, decisions

After a spate of extreme fluctuation in temperature (97 degrees F to 54) we had a couple moderate days. I got out the beans and melons, some old favorites and a new Japanese icebox watermelon shared by Debbie in our seed swap.

In the past I've had problems with the potting mix drying out before germination occurred, so this year I rigged up a little greenhouse for these SIPs with clear plastic secured with the gasket from the bucket lid top.
I was a little concerned that the moisture would encourage fungal growth, so yesterday I removed the plastic to air them out. Then the weather lightened yesterday afternoon and, predictably, when I went to the roof this morning the potting mix had dried out. I redampened the mix and put the plastic back in place.

The cool-weather greens shot up in the high heat and they're going to seed, which we'll collect for next year. I moved them all to the shadier side of the roof, with some under the gazebo that collects rainwater for watering.

They sure are pretty, and we're still eating them all, every single day. What a gift, those greens. 

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