Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Early Summer Pictures

H2 came over and took plenty of good ones.

One of the two cedar SIPs that I'm growing potatoes in this year.  I dug a small trench and mounded the soil up over the vine as it grew.

Carl taking a breather in the partial shade.

The chickens like to eat the maple tree seedlings that spin/whirl everywhere this time of year.

Not what it seems: Carl likes to "eat" the spray as it comes out of the hose.


Dirt Gently said...

It never occurred to me to make my cedar planters self-irrigating. What the reservoirs made of / how are they installed?

Bruce said...

Hi Dirt,

Check out the post I did last year on making cedar SIPs.

Dirt Gently said...

Thanks for the link! That's some impressive carpentry. Maybe one day I'll make one if I'm feeling brave (mmmm ... biscuits!).