Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Solstice on the Roof Farm and Friends Visit the Coop

June 21 summer solstice quick roof walk...

 In the Earthboxes, spring peas in decline,
tomatillos on the rise

Tomatoes are robust--
thank you, Bruce, for the healthy starts!

I direct-seeded a few types of beans and the Mystery Greek Squash from Root Simple. Thanks, Erik, for sharing the seeds. Each year we get powdery mildew on squash and cukes and I vow not to plant the following year. And each year I do.

I have this notion that squirrels are attracted to open soil (and some proof of that), so I laid some plastic netting over the direct-seeded SIPs to deter them.

Golden Midget watermelons are up, seeds via Debbie and Little Green Girl. Thanks, garden friends.

A visit the next day from Trish and her boys, who remembered everything we discussed last year about sub-irrigation growing and bees. JT, at left, shared even more about bees that he'd learned in school. He's going to be a natural beekeeper. And Alex chowed down on every single kind of greens we're growing. Excellent palate!

We walked to Bruce's 
and got right into the coop...

...where the kids learned all about the hens
and their living arrangements
Summer's here.


John said...

I am very interested in how your tomatillos do. I grew them a couple of summers ago in a SIP and they grew wonderfully, but the fruit was awful.

H2 said...

John: Maybe it's the variety. Grew a purple tomatillo last year that was sweet enough to slice in half and add to our fruit bowls in the morning. Odd, though, since they seemed too sweet for salsa.

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