Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Tomato Planting June 3

Seems late to be finishing tomato planting. Do you have yours in? As of yesterday they're planted, and four eggplant too. Excited to try the Thai Green Eggplant from both Seed Savers Exchange and Bountiful Gardens. Side-by-side, we'll see if there's any difference in the fruit.

Brad H phoned a couple weeks back asking if we needed perlite. He'd found an extra-large bag for ten bucks. Yes, please! We decided to make fresh potting mix for the 20 SIPs sbove--the 6-gal in 7-gal bucket sets Art put together to create larger reservoirs.

It's a good workout, making new mix. 
We'll reuse mix for all other SIPs.

I don't recall in previous years staking every single plant (except for the greens) against the stiff winds, but that's what I did this year. Maybe it's the new normal in weather. 

Yesterday the wind kept snatching the plastic shower caps and the fertilizer was flying. I had to finish the eggplants in the 120-degree greenhouse. Yikes. Then I tied everyone up secure against the gusts.

I even staked the tobaccos...

Anyone else feeling stymied by weather?


oldgrowth said...

I see you're growing Tobacco, and I've seen several posts with mention of it.
I'm sure this is a dumb quesion, but..does it produce enough to "roll your own"?

H2 said...

Hi oldgrowth:
Yes, a project my nephew proposed and with luck we'll have a bit to roll up.

We've got three types growing in three locations: our roof in 5-gal SIPs, Bruce's roof in rubbermaid tub SIPs, and my brother's in-ground organic garden.

Probably won't have an enormous amount, but we'll see what we get after curing. The three varieties are 1) for cigs, 2) for cigar wrapper, and 3) for cigar interior.

Debbie said...

I am curious to know how it will smell and taste. I learned that you can use it as an organic pesticide too but not on plants in the nightshade family.