Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Snap Peas and Lettuces Abound on Our Roof

These Amish snap peas from Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) are producing lots of tender peapods for tossing into the freshest salads possible. Shown are lettuces Carmona, Jester, and Joker, all from Wild Garden Seed. Despite the extreme early-season temperatures here in Chicago--97 for a couple days now--the lettuces remain sweet and tender.

The SSE package says the peapod yield runs for six weeks if kept picked.

No problem!
 The lettuces are growing in a 5-gallon SIP

And the peas in an Earthbox


Debbie said...

The lettuce looks beautiful.

John said...

Do you find that the lettuces grow better if they have a plastic cover? I am going to sow some seeds into an earthbox style box this week and I was going to leave them uncovered. Is that foolish?

H2 said...

Hi John:
Not sure where you're growing, but yes I'd cover them to ensure they stay damp until germination. In Chicago, today it's 54 and rainy and the seeds could easily be outside uncovered. But yesterday it was 97 and in that heat the exposed potting mix and seeds will just dry up.

I frequently use the clamshell-type plastic containers that carry baby spinach as a cloche to cover seeds. Just tie them down securely so they create a nice moist environment. If it gets hot-hot, you'll want to lift the dome so ensure the potting mix is still damp/not molding due to excess moisture.

John said...

Thank you!

John said...

As a followup - I was unable to come up with a proper lid. I live in Columbus, Oh and it has been alternating between scalding hot and raining. We top watered sparingly, and keep the SIP watered and the lettuce is about 3" high now. Everything seemed to work out perfectly.

H2 said...

That's good news, John. Nicely done.

Avis said...

You really grow those lettuces on your rooftop? Hmm, it is great to have plants on the rooftop. It provides fresh air to your home and free vegetables for you and your family. Healthy living, indeed! Just don't forget to clean your roof once in a while.

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