Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Melon Mania

Back in May, neighbor Bruce and I went up to Gethesemane Garden Center in Chicago to get some plant starts. We ended up at the seed racks. I'm a sucker for watercolor depictions, and picked up these two.

"Why not try melons?" Bruce asked. Why not indeed.

We direct-seeded the Renee's Garden Icebox Watermelon (rainbow sherbet colors, enough to make any gardener weak in the knees) and Botanical Interests Ha Ogen ("if you have room...for only one melon, Ha Ogen should be your first choice") into some of the yellow buckets in the new run of ten on the roof. My idea was that they'd crawl up and hang off the short trellis Art had built, but soon it was clear the Renee's watermelon plants wanted more attachments, more places to twine onto.

So Art installed a piece of the hard grid we got at an auction way back.

And the melons liked it. Here's a fetal melon with its flowered hat intact. Is there a more charming fruit to grow?

Back to the structure. You can see from photos that these melon babies are just getting started.

It was time for dramatic measures. So Art installed a PVC arch, after which he decided we needed a second arch so they could be tied together for structural integrity. Here's Art screwing in the flagpole holder for the second arch.

And the final framework for what will become The Hanging Melons of Division Street

As of August 1, the melons are thriving. These are the Renee's watermelons, which like the hard grid. The Ha Ogen seem better at climbing the arch. We'll keep you updated.

Aug 6, 2008


Greenscaper said...

Bravo! This looks like McGill. Great idea! Now you can host weddings up there. ;-)

H2 said...

I should have attributed the inspiration for the arch to McGill, Bob. That's exactly where it came from.

mc said...

WOW. That looks awesome! Makes me wish I had a roof so I could have a garden like yours.

H2 said...

You don't need a roof, mc. Just use a couple recycled buckets to make one and put it anywhere there's sun. We have easy instructions posted at the site.

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