Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More on Melons

If you read our post Melon Mania, you know this was our first try growing melons in the recycled bucket sub-irrigated planters (SIPs--for info on how to make one, click here).

In the picture above, you'll see they grew happily, resisting the powdery mildew that decimated our summer squash and lemon cukes. What a fun, easy crop.

We kept the water reservoirs filled and the melons kept coming.

Above is the Ha Ogen. My nephew couldn't believe these 4-pounders were able to hang on by an apparent thread, but nature knows her business.

The Ha Ogen interior, sweet as sugar with exceptional flavor. We'll grow them again in 2009.

Below are the Renee's Garden Icebox Watermelon/Rainbow Sherbet. This is the only hybrid we grew in 2008, and we'll replant it next summer. Luscious fruit.

The melons never climbed high enough to claim "Hanging Melons of Division Street" status, but you can see below the Ha Ogen started on its way. We have some ideas for next year.

Stay tuned...


Russ C said...

Great post. This makes me want to try melons next year!

H2 said...

Thanks, Russ. I think I have extra Ha Ogen seeds to share.

ant and bee said...

Hi Bruce,

I love your website - it is totally amazing. The rooftop crops look so good. I think we have studied your pages, the Montreal stuff and everything we could because we want to replicate this on rooftops in Port au Prince Haiti.

If it is at all possible, could you email me? I would love to get your phone no. if this is ok to call you?
My email is

The project is tricky there to say the least. One good thing is they get alot of rain. One challenging thing though is they get alot of rain. :-) With the crop season getting pretty wiped out from Ike and food costs going through the roof (pun intended) - growing veggies on the roof just makes sense. Plus in PaP, that is just about the only place you can really do it....