Wednesday, July 29, 2009

iPhone Video from H2's Roof

H2 had no idea she was about to become the public face of GRG. Her rooftop garden mojo/magic comes through beautifully.


One question comes to mind: Can Cinematographer RobH can be persuaded to copy, i.e. flatter with theft, Twisty's production values for his next vid?


Unknown said...

Nice vid there of your rooftop heaven :) You guys have quite a nice view too, I'm about ready to harvest my onions I grew this year.
First time I ever planted something edible, yay!

H2 said...

Way to go, Kriz! Once you grow your first food, life is never the same.

John said...

Your garden looks great. We grew Anaheim chillies in one of our SIPS and we've picked about 30 and there are about another 18-20 on there right now.

H2 said...

Thanks, John. It seems to be a very good year for peppers, which strikes me as odd, since I thought they loved heat. Are you in Chicago (where we've had very little)?