Sunday, May 30, 2010

Salad Days: Late May in our Chicago Roof Garden

Exploding greens this week, with some real heat in Chicago. Yes, cool-weather greens prefer cool weather, but our recent 90-degree days kicked up their growth and we've been feasting on raw greens topped with olive oil, red wine vinegar, and salt.

And occasionally a piece of smoked salmon
(French breakfast radish from the in-ground garden).

This new gazebo SIP run Art put in is shaded for a couple extra hours in the morning than the other greens run. I moved some of the greens there before the darn things shoot to seed

I wish greens lasted all summer.

The tatsoi is sweet and flavorful.

Carmona lettuce too.

Endive, chicory, wrinkled crinkled crumpled cress.

Aside from noshing, I like not having to buy this nutrient-dense food trucked in from miles away.
Big bowl o' greens.

Bruce rode over with some more heirloom tomato starts, from Green City Market.

Thanks, Bruce.

Hurry hurry: tomatoes love this heat more than I do.

I planted a bunch.

All's right with the world.


Debbie said...

Beautiful greens! Have you ever tried
a heat resistant lettuce called Butterhead?

H2 said...

Haven't tried it but how kind to send the link. Mainly I overplant in these greens SIPs when they stop providing.

Last year I pulled the greens, freshened the fertilizer, and then direct-seeded beans and melons.

NIce to have the SIPs all ready to go.

Unknown said...

This is first time using home depot buckets. What do you do if the top of the bucket stays dry?

H2 said...

Not sure what you mean, Donald, about the top of the bucket staying dry. You need to put on a plastic "shower cap" to limit evaporation.

Sometimes after I plant greens and water then in from the top the soil does dry out before I'm sure they've connected to the water source below. I just top-water them again.

Hope this makes sense/answers your query. If not, please write again.

unknown said...

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