Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rooftop Hot Peppers 2012

In our hellishly hot Chicago summer, hot peppers thrived. We grew two types:
Named by its Pennsylvania Dutch* growers, the ‘Hinkelhatz’ is a rare heirloom pepper which translates to “chicken heart,” a description of its size and shape. The variety is one of the oldest preserved by this group of Mennonites, cultivated for well over 150 years.
It grew happy happy in its SIP, with a lovely umbrella-type effect, leaves on top and peppers hanging down. Thanks to Debbie for sharing seeds in a seed-swap.

A perenniel favorite here, its growing habit is precisely opposite: peppers pointing to the sky.

I toss a few of either type into any vegetable or chicken stock I'm making, and also into brewing tea. They impart just a hint of heat.

In the fall, we clip the large stems of these peppers and hang them on a sculpture to dry and use over the winter months.

Are you growing anything hot this year?

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