Friday, August 2, 2013

Story of Sidewalk Koi

Before we begin,
say happy birthday to the koi artiste
As he tells it: I saw the koi image first in my twitter feed and went looking for more. Jeremy Novy painted them in San Francisco a year or two ago. I like their calming effect.  Combined with the view not in a pool, but in concrete. Some kind of cognitive dissonance going on. Plus they're cool.

Koi in our doorway, awaiting their final screen of dots

I wanted to bring a bit of that to my block (and now to ours). Serendipity, playfulness.
Slightly risque, as in a little illegal. (H2 notes: but maybe not as risque as looking up pressure cookers online.)

First the pieces are laid out on our floor
A decision is taken on how to start. It's a big question.

Outside, positioning the initial spray is key
 We want them to look like they're schooling

Next comes the edging:
black on white or other contrasting color 
See the register holes in the file folders? They're chalked in with pink for the first spray and then the holes are lined up over the pink for each successive spray to ensure a cohesive fish.

Between drying stages we ate chocolate cake with ganache frosting.
T'was an engaging process and a fun afternoon. People stopped to talk, one couple preparing their baby's nursery pondering wall-swimming koi.

The koi are turning up everywhere. Here on a scooter Bruce garbage-picked and repaired for a young neighbor friend. Classy, that.


Richie said...

Niaceee....wonder how small ideas could make things so beautiful...good job :)

Unknown said...

Wow, these are so awesome!
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