Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heirloom Seedling Update

We started our planning in February, I was putting seeds into potting mix not long after. I've been growing--335 seedlings to be exact--for 3 months and my body's telling me it's the middle of July.

H2 came over and took some great pics.

I barely have room in my seedling light rack to fit all the plants shown in the pictures above; an additional 160 seedlings have either been planted on one of our roofs or transferred to H2's rooftop greenhouse.

Coming up with a seed starting schedule that works off of our average last frost date and makes the most of our limited light rack space has been a challenge. It was a great learning experience; if you have the chance to do this with a few people you know, I'd encourage you to give it a shot.


Grammy said...

Your plants are amazing looking. I have never see the stalk look so strong.

David said...

Do you have a greenhouse? Where did you raise so many plants?

Those are nice looking plants.

mary s. butler said...

Hi Bruce, just wanted to let you know that today I bought my first EarthBox. Although Dave and I now live beneath the common roof our co-op building, I am growing basil and cilantro on the terrace of my office building. If I am successful, I'll add a second EarthBox for heirloom tomatoes. Haven't grown those since I lived in Chicago and really miss 'em. Thanks for posting the inspiring photos!

Bruce said...

Hi Mary,

Nice to hear from you. Good luck with your EB.

I have no idea if he's anywhere near you guys, but if you're looking for a local 'go-to guy', you might want to get in touch with Bob Hyland.Grammy,

Thanks for the compliment. To be honest, I'm a little surprised they all turned out so well.


I don't have a greenhouse--though H2 and Art have one on their roof--I grew all my seedlings in a 3'x 4'(x 6' tall) growing rack that I set inside my house.

The pictures in this post only show half of what I started. The rest of the plants are already in containers or in H2's greenhouse.

A Chistoff said...

Amazing. I can see loads of tomatoes there :) I was writing an article recently about growing tomatoes in pots and your post confirms that it is effective way :)

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