Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bees in the Breeze

You never know when your next urban adventure might begin. My nephew Marc (in blue) introduced us to his soccer pal and beekeeper Noam (in red), who came by to check our roof for its suitability as a hive location.

GreenRoofGrowers Art and Bruce joined us, as did Timah, a grad student from Purdue who drove up from Indiana to see some SIPs in action. Here they are, goofin' for the camera.

Noam liked the looks of the southwest corner of our roof, which catches the sunrise and warms the bees, revving them up for their day of foraging. He brought over the hive and set it up.

A little starter honey for the new residents...and a taste for us.

Art built a lovely pier out to the hive.
We were away when the bees checked in, but they're happily buzzing around their new home. I said hello to one drifting around the broccoli today. We should see more activity when the summer squash begin to bloom...which won't happen until I plant the seeds, will it?


Greenscaper said...

Now that's just "the bees knees"...and that expression is even before my time. Cool bottom photo. Art does good work, that's for sure.

H2 said...

Thanks so much, Bob. We'll pass along that nice compliment to Art. Without his structural expertise, the roof garden would be held together with twine.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool. Greenscaper beat me to the joke I had planned to use. :0)

H2 said...

And I almost used "bee's knees" when writing this post, Mr Brown Thumb. It's a curious expression whose derivation seems uncertain:


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi, I wondered how the bee project worked out--pros, cons, and expense, if you have a moment to share. Thank you so much, Lauren Hines