Saturday, February 20, 2010

Seed Starting List for 2010 - Warm Weather Plants

I'll start the warm weather plants, those that aren't direct seeded and are frost intolerant like tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and most herbs, the first week of March. By that time all the cold weather starts will have germinated and been transplanted to larger containers, freeing up the seed-starting trays for the second round of seed starts.

Last year's seedlings, hardening off.

I'd encourage everyone to start their own seeds. It's not that hard. Check out this post on Seed Starting for more info.

If you'd like me to start any (from the list below) for you, email me or leave a comment on this post by March 20th. I have space under my lights to start an extra 100 warm-weather plants. For $3 you'll get a 3-4" tall plant in a 4" grower pot. No delivery, you'll need to pick them up at my house, near Division and Wood Streets in Chicago. I did it last year and found it was a nice way to meet some of our readers.

I'm keeping track of all the starts on this Google Docs spreadsheet.

H2 made an inventory of all our old seeds. I added the few new varieties we've picked to grow this year and came up with this list.

In addition to some of our own saved seeds, we have seeds from:

Franchi (Seeds From Italy)
Hudson Valley Seed Co
Johnny's Seeds
Renee's Garden
Seed Saver Co
Victory Seed Co

Pingtung Long
Listada de Gandia
Black Beauty

Basil 'Cinnamon'
Basil 'Genovese'
Basil 'Mrs. Burns Lemon'
Basil 'Purple Dark Opal'
Basil 'Lettuce Leaf'
Bee Balm
Black Cumin
Borage 'White'
• Chives
Curled Chervil
English Lavender
English Sorrel
Greek Oregano
• Parsley
Summer Savory

Napolean Sweet
Purple Beauty
Rooster Spur - hot
Santa Fe Grande - hot
Sweet Chocolate

Black Cherry
Black Prince
Brandywine Yellow
Cherokee Purple
Kellogg's Breakfast
San Marzano

Direct Seed and/or Miscellaneous Seeds.

While these aren't for sale, I wanted to keep track of the other seeds we (might) use. It's amazing how many varieties we've grown in the previous three years.

Amaranth, Burgundy
Beans, Climbing French
Beans, Empress
Beans, Fin de Bagnol
Beans, Hidatsa
Beans, Red Swan
Beets, Bull's Blood
Brussel Sprouts, Catskill
Cabbage, Red Acre
Carrot, Scarlet Nance
Cucumber, Lemon
Cucumber, Sweet Armenian
Green Onion, White Lisbon
Kolhrabi, Delicatesse Blue
Melon, Banana
Melon, Delicious 51 PMR
Melon, Ha Ogen
Melon, Moon and Stars
Melon, Thai Golden Round
Morning Glory flower
Okra, Clemson Spineless
Radish, French Breakfast
Squash, Delicata Honey Boat
Squash, Erik K's Mystery
Squash, Summer Mix
Sunflower, California Grey Stripe
Sunflower, Giant Grey Stripe
Sunflower, Lemon Queen
Sunflower, Vanilla Ice


Unknown said...

I would love one each of the tomato and pepper plants. Wait, you are doing Sante Fe Grande again? The pepporanata I canned is screaming hot now. Deliciously screaming hot.
I'd happily pay you in fresh eggs.

We dug up my whole back yard last summer and are attempting to get our acts together. I am starting "cold" plants in temporary greenhouses outside this weekend.

Bruce said...

Hi Ellen,

Glad to hear the peppers worked out for you last year.

Yes, I'm starting a few of the Sante Fe Grande peppers again this year. They're a little too spicy for me, but a couple of other people like them. Really prolific plants, I think each one produced 100 peppers!

I'd be happy to start one each of the tomato and pepper plants, that's 18 in all. They'll be hardened off and ready to pick up any time after May 15th.

I think we can work out a trade for some eggs too.

Good luck with your garden this year. Sounds like a great project.

Alisa said...

Hi, Bruce,
May I sign up for English Sorrel and Pingtung Eggplant?

Many thanks, will bring you $

Unknown said...

actually, wanna just throw in the eggplant varieties to get me to an even $100?

There ain't no way I have that many eggs or that you can eat that many eggs. But I'll bring you some anyway.

H2 said...

I can eat as many eggs as you can provide...

Bruce said...

Ellen, I'll start one each of the eggplant varieties for you. I'm not sure of your math-- 22 plants x $3/plant = $66.

Hi Aly,

You got it. One each of sorrel and pingtung long eggplant.


H2 said...

For the record: I love both the pingtung eggplant and the Santa Fe Grande pepper.

Last year we ate them as a combo for lunch on many days. The Santa Fe offers early and mid-season yellow peppers that don't have the intense heat of end-of-season, when they turn red. This pepper just keeps on producing--I harvested at least 100 peppers from one plant.

The pingtung are perfect sliced in half and sauteed with the pepper and some onion (and miso!) in a cast iron skillet with a lid. They cook up in minutes. Mmm. Hungry for homegrown.

Bruce said...

Hey Alisa,

We've met before, though it took my looking/snooping at your profile page to remind me. I see you're still doing the Wicker Park pipeline/Streets of Wicker, thanks again for putting us in it last year.

Nice to hear from you.

H2 said...

Hey A:
Thought that was you. What happened to my Pipeline email? Was going to track you down to ask...

Alisa said...

Hi Bruce, and Heidi,

Bruce- I believe I tried the English Sorrel from your rooftop garden. It tasted really good and will make a nice accent to instant bag of' salad from grocery! Heidi, thanks for the tips on how to make the Pingtung eggplant, i am looking forward to making it.

No prob, it was a fun story, many thanks for the tour. Being almost spring again I just thought of GRG and was wondering how the gardens were going.

Heidi- I just looked in Constant Contact, and you de-subscribed way back, could have been by accident or maybe because for at least three or four months I was sharing list with chamber, so maybe you de-subscribed to a chamber event reminder, which at that time would have removed you from my list too (we are separate now, so if you have a different email other than the one you used before just send it to streetsofwicker@hotmail and will add it, as well as promise to only send one email, on on Tuesdays. It's almost impossible to add an email again after it was on 'do not email' list, and requires a call to corporate CC, thus alternative email is best. Thanks, Happy Sunday!

Link to last week's issue here:

H2 said...

Yep--that's it. I unsubscribed from the chamber event reminder (bo-ring). I'm senindg you a new email now...

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