Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beginning the Chicken Coop

They are starting to get a little crowded in their brooder. Plus I'm getting tired of all the mess; the dust gets everywhere.

 I'm building a 48 ft2 coop with a 130 ft2 run below my back deck.  Today I framed the floor which I then insulated with folded up burlap bags.  I happened to have a hundred or so that I picked up free from the Intelligentsia coffee warehouse. 

Tomorrow I'll frame the walls and roof.  Then make the doors and windows, with cedar shingles for siding.  Basically it's a little house, albeit it one with a composting toilet.  It should be done in a couple more weeks.


Enid said...

I like it. Can't wait to see it finished :)

H2 said...

This has the potential to be one classy chicken shack, Bruce. A beautiful start.