Monday, March 14, 2011

Chicken update

At roughly 5 weeks of age, they're about the size of pigeons.  H2 came over and took some pics.

I've got them drinking from poultry nipples that I put into an improvised waterer.  When they go outside, they'll drink from the same nipples attached to a 5 gallon bucket.
Shredded newspaper makes a nice bedding.

In another month they'll go outside in a coop and run I'm building.


H2 and I both admire Lloyd Kahn's style, specifically the way he manages to tell a compelling story with just a few pictures.  We're both trying to find ways to post more and write less, something he does so well.

His Tweets are pretty cool too.


mmpaints said...

Where did you get the chicken nipples? I've never even seen one before and I'd love to teach the new chicks this season to use one. Would keep the water cleaner ;)

Bruce said...

Hi mmp,

I got them from FarmTek. Roughly $3 each, including shipping. You might be able to find them cheaper on eBay.

They're easy to install. Just drill a slightly undersized hole in the plastic bucket and screw them in.